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New Image Studio Boudoir Videography Raleigh

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New Image Studio Boudoir Videography Raleigh

We are super-excited about the launch of our full service production studio! New Image Studio Boudoir Videography Raleigh unlocks the essence and elegance of your innate desires…
The term “boudoir” may be ascribed to a genre of  Boudoir Videography and Boudoir Photography is typically captured in our studio or at a luxury hotel suite. It has become fashionable to create a set of sensual images of women, men, and couples in “boudoir style”. The most common manifestation of contemporary boudoir videography and boudoir photography is to capture variations of candid and posed video and still photographs of the subject wearing amorous accouterments. Naturism is more implied, however it is never explicit. Commercially the “boudoir” genre is often (though not exclusively) derived from a market for women or men who want to surprise their significant others with videos or photography that evoke beauty, romance, and passion. Brides also enjoy surprising their future husbands by gifting the images on or before their Wedding Day. Other motivations or inspiration for boudoir photography shoots include MaternityCouples Photography, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and for servicemen and women overseas.

Boudoir videography and boudoir photography may, in some cases, be distinguished from other videography and photography genres such as glamour photography, fine art nude photography and erotic photography. According to research carried out in Digital Boudoir Photography (2006), John G. Blair said that the word “Boudoir” or “Boudoir portrait”, was used in 1980 by Motherlode Photography Studio in California to describe a picture more elegant than “erotic portrait” or “semi nude portrait”.

Historically, the boudoir formed part of the private suite of rooms of a lady, for bathing and dressing, adjacent to her bedchamber, being the female equivalent of the male cabinet. In later periods, the boudoir was used as a private drawing room, and was used for other activities, such as embroidery or spending time with one’s romantic partner. English language usage varies between countries, and is now largely historical. In the United Kingdom, in the period when the term was most often used (Victorian era and early 20th century), a boudoir was a lady’s evening sitting room, and was separate from her morning room, and her dressing room. As this multiplicity of rooms with overlapping functions suggests, boudoirs were generally only found in grand houses. In the United States, in the same era, boudoir was an alternative term for dressing room, favored by those who felt that French terms conferred more prestige. In Caribbean English, a boudoir is the front room of the house where women entertain family and friends.



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